Health Guarantee:
This puppy is guaranteed to be free of any life threatening disease or illness for 30 days from the date of arrival and two years from the DOB for any genetic health fault that would prevent him/her from living a quality life. Proper documentation is required from a licensed veterinarian to receive the next puppy available. The puppy must be returned to us at buyers expense unless both parties agree upon other arrangements. We promise to be fair and reasonable. Pelto Bulldogges must be notified within one week of diagnosis and treatments or guarantee is null and void. Buyer is responsible to provide adequate shelter, proper diet, necessary health care(which includes but is not limited to follow-up vaccinations, wormings, or any tests or x-rays necessary for proper diagnosis) and loving treatment.

The video below is a must watch when determining when and if you will spay or neuter your pet.
Health Record:
Puppy will have recieved an 7 week shot. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU FOLLOW UP WITH YOUR VET FOR TWO MORE SETS OF SHOTS. Puppy was dewormed at four and six weeks. There is no guarantee for a puppy to be free of worms or parasites, as most puppies are born with them and should be checked every two weeks until twelve weeks of age. It is recommended to take a stool sample on your first vet visit. It is very important to schedule a vet appointment for vaccinations/worming and recommended health care.
Pelto's Daisey
Health Gauranty