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I just got a call from Davion. He is asking for my help placing his pup. This is the email he sent me. Soldier is a great looking boy. Please contact Dave directly if you are interested.

"My name is Dave short for Davion. This little guys name is Soldier. He is closing in on 4 months, his birthday is December 14th. He loves to play and Is great around children. He is also very personable and looks you in the eyes a lot. I got him from a breeder in MO not sure the breeder had a name but I have his contact info and he’s been doing it for awhile. Soldiers parents and himself are registered with the IOEBA according to the breeder. The papers just came in from the association and he is sending them to me. Sadly I have to move and I can’t bring this bundle of joy with me where I am going. My number is 651-404-8855
I am located in the West Saint Paul area. I am asking a $1200 rehoming fee."