Pedigree for Pelto's Kiera
Olde English Bulldogge
Pelto's Chuck Sire
Mohs Brody Sire
Brocious Sire
MB's Brodacious Brody   Dam
MB's Pretty Pebbles   Dam
Koorn's Angie Sire
What A Mug Sumo   Dam
What A Mug Smittie   Dam
Pelto's Peach Sire
Gargoyle's Black Omen Sire
Gargoyle's Hugo Ultimus   Dam
Gargoyle's Gladys   Dam
Pelto's Daisy Dukes Sire
Spike Hammer   Dam
Gargoyle's Dolly   Dam
Pelto's Maggie May Sire
Gargoyle's Hugo Ultimus Sire
Gargoyle's Harley Sire
Renegade's Demolition Derby   Dam
Jolicoeur's Sofie   Dam
Gargoyle's Ruby Sire
Jolicoeur's Brute   Dam
Jolicoeur's Diamond   Dam
Pelto's Lu-Lu Maria Sire
Gargoyle's Cyrus Sire
Gargoyle's Hugo Ultimus   Dam
Dusha's Samantha   Dam
Gargoyle's Dolly Sire
Gargoyle's Brutus Maximus   Dam
Gargoyle's Gladys
Pelto's Kiera
Dam - Pelto's Maggie May
Sire- Pelto's Chuck
Born 8:49pm on January 12th, 2009
6 days old
12 days old
20 days old
4 weeks old
7 weeks old
8 Months Old
18" Tall and 60lbs. on 12-12-2012
With her Daddy November 2009
November 2010
March 19th, 2011
Picture Pedigree